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Sasha is an Internationally Certified 4th degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. He is also the only Certified Instructor in Southern New England in the Russian Martial Art of Systema. Lastly, he has played soccer at both National and Professional Levels.

Also, Sasha has had the opportunity to train with and teach top level athletes, including Olympians in both Taekwondo and Soccer. He currently trains Law Enforcement and Special Forces personnel in helping them reach their fitness goals and to survive in the field of battle.

With this experience, he can share a wealth of fitness and martial arts knowledge to anyone who wants to reach their optimal fitness level and feel more stronger ever !!
Sasha Komocar
Discover your inner strength .
Forget "Beast Mode"!!!
We want you to become the "Peaceful Warrior", doing away with Stress one Kick and Punch at a time! 
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Our trainers are knowledgeable, encouraging, and committed to helping you meet your fitness goals. They motivate you to get going and get results.
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You will notice a change almost immediately. You will Feel Stronger, Confident and to top it of, you will be blown away at how fast you will burn fat!
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This class is designed to truly bring out the Warrior in you. It is not your typical, stand in front of a bag and do exercises on the floor kind of class. The techniques are exciting, the drills are dynamic and the calorie-burn is Intense. 

3 Elements make up this Class: Kickboxing, Taekwondo, MUAY THAI using a MMA(Mixed Martial Art)-derived training protocol. Each class is different, drawing on the each styles unique conditioning and application of Martial Skills. 

We can guarantee you never have tried a class like this, even if you have done Kickboxing before.  As for experience, none is required. You go at your own pace, and then once you gain your confidence, then WE set your pace!!!!!
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